Sad Story Ever

4 days before her birthday… I asked her to marry other guy, coz that guy so near to her and already proposed her. I’m so far from her, but I love her so much. She angry and maybe so sad when heard that suggested from me. Because I know that she loves me much better than me. But I don’t know why I asked her to do that. And one word she said, she will leave me if I’m talking about nonsense. She asked me to stopped talking about that nonsense.  Suddenly she disappeared with her last message “Allah Hafiz”. She just leaves me a short message. Till the day of her birthday. I’m waiting for her at everywhere, called her but she’s not pick my called till the next early morning, someone who update the status with her last picture at her Google+ and says,

“I am Sorry to telling everyone that this girl was already passed away out of Acute Mylogeneous Leukemic yesterday morning at 6.00am o’clock at her home on her lovely touched of 33 years old birthday, 21 March 2012. As a cousin, I will offline all her online status. Please pray for her. Thank you”

Every year, when March coming, I feel so sad and sometime I can’t do anything. It’s already nearby one year she left me. But till now, I can’t forgive myself. Cause I make her sad and unappreciated her love for me. I feel guilty and really I miss her so much. If Allah give me sometime to make her happy, i will do as well as i can. and i will hugging herself till the end of her life. May Allah bless her soul and put her inside His Jannah.  Thumma Aameen

no one knows what will happen tomorrow… so if u love someone, do everything today… fighting ur love.. otherwise its gonna be too late…

Natasia Maiza


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